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Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition  



Middle Georgia CAN! (Clean Air Now) Campaign

MGCAC Chairman Larry Collins

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MGCAC 2006 -2007 Executive Board Members


Chairman - Mayor Larry Collins - City of Byron

Secretary - Commissioner Charlie Bishop - Bibb County

Treasurer - Commissioner Ray Bennett - Twiggs County

1st Alt Chair - Mayor Bubba Edwards - City of Centerville

2nd Alt Chair - Commissioner Harold Carlisle - Monroe County

Alt Secretary- Commissioner James Khoury- Peach County

Alt Treasurer - Mayor James Worall - City of Perry





MGCAC 2005 -2006 Executive Board Members


Chairman Commissioner Ned Sanders - Houston County

Secretary Commissioner Harold Carlisle - Monroe County

Treasury Mayor James Worrall - City of Perry

1st Alt Chair Mayor Larry Collins - City of Byron

2nd Alt Chair Chairman Charlie Bishop - Bibb County

Alt Secretary Chairman James Khoury - Peach County

Alt Treasury Chairman Ray Bennett - Twiggs County


MGCAC 2004 -2005 Executive Board Members

MGCAC Chairman

Houston County Commissioner Ned Sanders


MGCAC Secretary

City of Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis

  Mayor C. Jack Ellis

MGCAC Treasurer

City of Forsyth Mayor James E. Pace Jr.


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