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Upon learning of the possibility of being designated as an ozone non-attainment area, the 21st Century Partnership recognized the potential impact on Middle Georgia and the ability of Robins AFB to operate effectively within the community.  The Partnership took the lead role in gathering the support to address these issues by suggesting to the commissioners and mayors from the seven county region to form a coalition. The Partnership coordinated passage of a resolution and the group of elected officials formally created the Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition. 


On Feburay10, 2005 Chairman Ned Sanders from Houston County, Mayor C. Jack Ellis of Macon, Chairman Charles Bishop of Bibb County and Ron Carbon of the 21st Century Partnership participated in a visit to Capitol Hill to meet with Congressman Marshall and Kingston and Senators Isakson and Chambliss.  Working with the Clark Group, their hard work paid off and Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition was awarded 4.5 million dollars for congestion mitigation projects.




Strategy for the Future

Committee Chairman - Bibb County Commissioner Charlie Bishop

The Strategy for the Future Committee will lead the way to sustainability for Middle Georgia.  While taking into account the required actions that will be included in the State Implementation Plan for attainment, the strategy will incorporate other actions that will ensure we maintain our clean air for future generations while providing for economic growth.


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Truck Stop Electrification

Committee Co- Chairs - William Cook, Georgia EPD and Dr. Dan Callahan

Committee is working to bring this new technology to the Middle Georgia region.  They are also looking at onboard and other idle reduction strategies.


Three proposed sites







Hwy 96- I-16



Exit 24

Exit 46

Exit 6





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Open Burn Ban

Committee Chairman - Georgia EPD Air Branch Chief Ron Metheir

This committee is currently working on looking at the aspects of expanding a burn ban in the Middle Georgia region.  They are also assisting the public information committee on educating the community on these proposed actions.


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Commuter Strategy

Committee Chairman -MG Clean Cities Coalition Director Charise Stephens

  • This committee is currently working on forming partnership with commuter strategy organizations

  • Developing a baseline survey

  • Evaluate commuter behavior in Middle Georgia

  • Work in concert with regional employers to provide commuters with options

  • Began work on Smog Forecasting System

  • Implement comprehensive approaches that will be unique to commuting patterns of the regions

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Alternative School Buses and Fleets

Committee Chairman - Houston County Commissioner Ned Sanders

  • This committee is currently working on efforts to secure congressional appropriations

  • Connect Blue Bird, local school systems, and alternative fuel providers

  • Outreach to School Boards

  • Regional commitment to purchase only alternative fueled buses

  • Secure DOE approval of AFV buses

  • Outreach to the Community on benefits

Committee is currently looking at all the pros and cons for each fuel alternative.


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Eco-Friendly Lottery Initiatives

Committee Chairman -MG Clean Cities Coalition Director Charise Stephens

This committee is spearheading efforts to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices into the regional lottery system. Recognizing the potential impact of the lottery system on the environment, from ticket production to promotional activities, the Eco-Friendly Lottery Initiatives Committee aims to minimize the carbon footprint and waste generated by lottery activities.

Key objectives include:

  • Green Ticket Production: Transitioning to recycled or sustainable materials for the production of lottery tickets and ensuring that used tickets are recyclable or biodegradable.

  • Digital Transition: Promoting digital lottery platforms to reduce the need for physical tickets and decrease paper waste.

  • Local Investment: Allocating a portion of the lottery revenue to local environmental and sustainability projects, providing direct benefits to the Middle Georgia ecosystem.

  • Educational Campaigns: Launching initiatives to educate the public about the environmental impact of their lottery participation and how they can make eco-friendly choices.

  • Partnerships: Collaborating with local businesses and environmental organizations to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable lottery system, including incentives for eco-conscious participation.

  • Outreach to the Community on benefits


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Public Education and Awareness

Committee Chairman - MG Clean Cities Coalition Director Charise Stephens

The primary purpose of the Public Information Committee is to carry the MGCAC message to the public and provide basic education on air pollution issues.  We will accomplish through the following activities:

  • Develop and distribute an informational brochure

  • Develop website

  • Conduct community presentations

  • Distribute a local Smog Alert/Watch

  • Produce a quarterly Middle Georgia CAN! Show

  • Develop and distribute a quarterly newsletter

  • Develop Middle Georgia Can! Campaign

Pictured: Forsyth Mayor James Pace, Jeffersonville Mayor Sonja Mallory, and Houston County Commissioner Chairman Ned Sanders at the first MGCAC Commercial shot at the beautiful Riverwalk in Macon. 

Special thanks to Ron Carbon, Sonya Barnes and 13 WMAZ.


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Payne City








Warner Robins










Fort Valley





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