Third Street Park in downtown Macon

National Clean Cities Program,

Southeast Alternative Fuels Task Force

Cleaning up the air will let us all breath a little easier about the future.

Time, temperature, and weather in Macon, Georgia.

Drive Clean and Green Across Georgia!!!

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Join us in our mission to increase national energy security, promote economic opportunity and improve the region's air quality by increasing the use of alternative fuels.

Alternative fuels are quickly becoming the most economical (not to mention pro-environmental) method for modern day vehicular transportation. Let's face it; there is no guarantee that drastic fluctuations in gasoline price won't continue in our future. We have to be proactive in alternate approaches to energy related issues.

It is our job as consumers to make sure we are educated about the options available to us.

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Register now for the 2006 Georgia BioEnergy Conference!!


May 1 � September 30

(�Ozone Season�)

Bibb, Crawford, Houston, Jones, Monroe, Peach and Twiggs

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